Tibet Tours and Activities

Inquiry a tour to Tibet with Tibet Travel ProfessionalsExpansive lands, majestic mountains, friendly villages covered in vibrant prayer flags and filled with kind people and monks draped in beautiful orange robes, makes touring Tibet an amazing, once in a lifetime experience. While on your tour of Tibet, you will have the opportunity to take photographs that you normally only see in National Geographic and get a sense of peace you will not find elsewhere. 

Nowadays it is much easier to travel to Tibet. There are flights and trains to Lhasa from many places in China including Beijing, Chengdu, etc. And you can also fly from Kathmandu (Nepal) to Lhasa. We can help you book all these flights / trains to / from Lhasa if necessary.

Tibet Travel Permit Guarantee: To enter into Tibet, you'll need a vailid passport, Chinese Visa as well as the Tibet Travel Permit. As a reliable Tibet travel company, we promise full refund in case of failure in obtaining the Tibet Travel Permit for you due to our reasons. It now requires at least 10 - 20 days to get the Tibet Travel Permit.

We have been organizing various tours in Tibet for more than ten years, including the famous Mount Everest tours, the classical cultural tours and the popular Himalayas trekking tours as well as the Mt. Everest Climbing tour. Below are some well-designed sample tours for your reference for planning a private tour to Tibet and can be customized to meet your requirements.  If you want to join other people, we have special packages especially organized for join-in groups. All our tour guides are local Tibetan who love the land and know it very well. Please feel free to contact us for more information and our trip advisor will respond you within 24hrs!

Duration: 4 days