Jokhang Temple

It is the spiritual center in Tibet. During Saga Dawa Festival, nearly everyone in Lhasa City does the pilgrim kora around the temple.

Located in the Lhasa old town center, Jokhang Temple is a supreme Tibetan Buddhist temple in Tibet. It was founded by King Songsten Gampo in 647 for Princes Bhrikuti of Nepal. At its main hall, it houses the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha brought into Tibet by the Chinese Princess Wencheng of Tang Dynasty. The circumambulation route around the Temple made by the pilgrims in more than one thousand years is the famous Barkhor Street, now also a business center in Lhasa.

To Tibetan people, Jokhang Temple is the same holy and important as that of Potala Palace. The complex covers more than 25,100 sq.m. combined with Han, Nepal and Indian style. There are four stories with more than 20 shrines and chapels. Jokhang Temple is the oldest civil construction building in Tibet. In 2000, It was added as part of Potala Palace in UNESCO World Heritage List. All of our tours in Tibet include the visit to the holy temple.

Sightseeing Notes:

1. The opening time of Jokhang Templs is 07:00-12:00 and 15:00-18:30.

2. The entrance fee is 85CNY/p.p.

3. If you would like to take pictures inside the temple, an extra of 90CNY is required for permission.

4. To avoid the crowdedness in peak time, you are kindly advised to visit it at around 07:00 in the early morning.

5. The sightseeing is also limited to one hour.

6. It is necessary to walk clockwise in respect of local people’ habit.

7. It is possible to hire the temple’s lamas to guide your sightseeing there at around 50CNY.