Mt. Everest

The highest mountain in the world and also among the ten most beautiful and awesome mountains in China.

In a shape of giant pyramid, Mt. Everest is located in the Himalayan Range at the China-Nepal border. Within the 20km around it, there are more than 40 mountains over 7000m incl. Mt. Lhotse at 8516m about 3km to South of Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu at 8463m to the southeast, Mt. Zangtse at 7543m to the north, Mt. Nuptse at 7855 to the west etc. In 1975, Mt. Everest was measured at 8848.13m and in 2005, it was re-measured to 8844.43m.

Mt. Everest is topped with snow all the year round with the glacier at an area of 10,000 The snow line is higher in the north face and lower in the south from 4,500m to 6,000m. In 2008 Olympic Games in China, the Olympic torch was lighted up by the Tibetan female climber Tsering Wangmo on top of the Mt. Everest summit.

The climate at Mt. Everest area is complicated and often changes constantly in a day. Over-ally speaking, June-Mid September is the rainy season and Mid November-next Mid Feb is the winter season when the lowest temperature can reach -60℃(average between -40~-50℃). The best time for climbing the mountain is in Spring from March to end of May and September to end of October.

For common tourists, it is possible to view Mt. Everest at Rongbuk Monastery and the Mt. Everest Base Camp at the foot of the mountain all year round. We specialize in various tours there.

Sightseeing Notes:

1. The entrance fee is 180CNY/p.p, beside it, there is also environment protection fee and the reserve’s bus fee.

2. All entrance and permits for visiting Mount Everest will be checked in Tingri (Shegar), about 100km from Rongbuk Monastery.

3. There are only three places to stay inside the Mount Everest reserve and all in very simple condition. It is advised to bring a sleeping bag for staying overnight there (the sleeping bag can be rented easily from Lhasa).