Mt. Kailash

Also called Gang Rinpoche in Tibetan language. It is the most sacred mountain in Tibet and among the ten most beautiful and awesome mountains in China. Every year, thousands of pilgrims from home and abroad come to do the famous kora around the mountain.

Standing at 6,656m in Purang county of the Ali region in Western Tibet, Mt. Kailash is not the highest mountain in the Kailas Range but it is the only mountain with fantastic and glorious shining peak. The four sides of the pyramid summit is distinct symmetric and round on the top. Its shape is quiet different from all of other mountains around. When viewing from the south, one could see the Buddhism swastikas on the mountain side. In Bon, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism, it is regarded as the world center and the most sacred mountain in the world.

To pilgrims, it is a big honor to conduct the kora around Mt. Kailash. The outer kora is about 32km and usually can be completed in three days’ trekking. Pilgrims believes that one is qualified to do the inner kora only after completing the thirteen rounds of outer koras. And if doing the kora in Tibetan Horse Year (the year of Buddha’s birth), one round can present the thirteen rounds in other years.

Not only a sacred place, Mt. Kailash is also a mysterious mountain. At its sunny side, there is perpetual snows and at its backside, there is often no snow or light snow only which melts right way in sunshine. This phenomenon is just contrary to the natural order.

In centuries, Mt. Kailash has been the dream place to adventurers but till now there is no one who climbed the mountain successfully. Probably no one has the courage to conquer this world’s center.

We organize various tours there and you can read the sample tour here: Tibet Mount Kailash Kora

Sightseeing Notes:

1. The entrance and camping fee is 200CNY/p.p incl. the visit to Lake Manasarovar.

2.  It is necessary to apply for special permits (military and border permits) for foreign tourists. There is a check point at Bagar.

3. The local condition is very simple and Darchen, a small village at foot of the mountain is the only starting and ending point of Mt. Kailash Kora. There are guest houses to stay overnight (little bit costly).

4. There are temples in the outer kora for lodge, food and water but the cost is high.

5. The best time to travel in Western Tibet is from April to October.

6. For tourists, it is necessary to hire yaks and yakman for the Kora.