Namtso Lake

It is one of the Great Three Holy Lakes in Tibet and also called Sky Lake for its high altitude above 4700m. You are kindly advised to have two or three days acclimatisation in Lhasa before vistiing the lake.

Namtso Lake is located in Nagqu Prefecture about 240km to the north of Lhasa. With over 70km long and 30km wide, it covers more than 1,920 It is the highest salty lake of this scale in the world. In the shape of a rectangle, there are four temples at the four sides of the lake and among them, the Tashi Dor monastery in the southeastern corner is the most well-known.

The holy lake is surrounded by mountains and hills. There is a beautiful love legend between Namtso Lake and Mt. Nyianchengtangula (7612m) at the south, which attracts people from home and abroad to visit it for praying for their families and beloved ones. At the Tashi peninsula, there are jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, stone peaks and various grottos.

Everyone who once visits the picturesque lake, may feel his soul is cleaned by the lake water. Standing at the shore, you will be shocked by one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It is a blue world with various blue colors from light blue to grey blue and to dark blue. The blue and clear water makes the color so fascinating that it seems all blue colors in the world emerge in front of you. With the pure clouds and sky as well as the snow-capped mountains reflected in the water, it offers one of the most breathtaking view of Tibet plateau.

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Sightseeing Notes:

1. The entrance fee of Namtso Lake is 120CNY/p.p.

2. In winter season of November to next March, the road to the lake could be blocked by snows and not accessable.

3. The accommodation at Namtso Lake is poor and it is advised to bring a sleeping bag for staying overnight there. It can be rented easily from Lhasa at around 20-30CNY/day.