Pelkhor Monastery

Pelkhor Monastery is also called Palcho or Pelkor Chode Monastery. It is famous mainly for the notable Kumbu Stupa, an architecture wonder in Tibet.

Pelkhor Monastery was built in the beginning of 15th century in the northeast of Gyantse town. It took ten years to complete the whole complex and is the sample of monastery buildings in Back Tibet from 13th to 15th century.

The Kumbu Stupa is also called “Wanfo Pagoda” in Chinese as there are about ten thousand Buddha statues are enshrined in the stupa. It is a nine-tier building at 32 meters high with 108 gates and 76 chapels and shrines. The first five floors are square and the rest are circular forming a pyramid-like structure. Many believe the stupa is the best such structure in Tibet.

There are three Buddhist sects existing harmoniously in Pelkhor Monastery named Sakyapa, Kadampa and Gelugpa. They have separate quarters to stay and a separate hall as well. This is very unique and rare in Tibet giving the monastery a special impact in Tibet Buddhist history.

A visit to the monastery can be arranged easily and you can find it in many of our tours such as the Tibet In-depth Cultural Exploration.

Sightseeing notes:

1. The entrance fee is 60CNY/p.p.

2. To take picture of the Kumbu Stupa, an extra of 10CNY is required.

3. It is dark inside the buildings but not advised to use flashlight which is not good to the murals and statues. You can use tripod for time exposure for good pictures there.