Tashilumpo Monastery

It is the greatest monastery in Shigatse Prefecture of Tibet. There is the world’s largest sitting statue of Maitreya Buddha.

Tashilumpo Monastery (also known as Tashihunpo Monastery) was built in 1447 by Gendun Grup who is a student of the famous Buddhist professor Je Tsongkhapa. Since it was expanded by the Fourth Panchen Lama, it became the home to all successive Panchen Lamas.

Tashilumpo Monastery covers 150,000 sq.m. and situates on the slop of Nima Hill to west of Shigatse City. It took about twelve years to complete the whole complex. There is a lecture square at 500 sq.m.for Panchen Lama to preach sermons which can accommodate more than 20,000 people.

The most important buildings of the Monastery is the Maitreya Temple (Jamba Chyenmu) and the stupas. At the Maitreya Temple, it houses the gigantic statue of Maitreya Buddha at 26.2m tall sitting on a lotus throne. The statue is moulded on a solid wooden frame with 279kg gold and 150,000kg copper and brass. This is the largest such Buddha statue in the world. And the stupas contain the relics of Panchen Lamas in the history.

Another feature of Tashilumpo Monastery is the great Thangka tower which is used to display Thangkas of Buddha in the three days before and behind May 15th of Tibetan calendar every year.

The monastery is included in many of our tours in Tibet such as the Classical Tibet Mount Everest TourTibet In-depth Cultural Exploration etc.

Sightseeing Notes:

1. The Entrance fee was increased to 80CNY/p.p since June 1st 2012. It is free for Tibetan people and no discount for students.

2. The opening time of Tashilumpo Monastery is 09:00-17:-00 (shrines and chapels are closed in the lunch time of 12:00-14:00).

3. The sightseeing usually takes three hours.